Why Counseling?

Counseling & Consultation Services

*Most services are NOW AVAILABLE via videoconferencing (due to COVID-19).

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Why Individual Counseling?

A Counselor can help you to:

• Explore your thoughts, emotions and behaviors

• Better understand yourself and others

• Assist you with processing and healing from past experiences

• Motivate you to work towards being a better you and the person you want to be

There is no better reward than to be free of your past, grateful for today and excited about the future. Couples and individuals we are here to listen, care and provide you with the tools needed to live your best life. 

Why Couples Counseling?

Couples Counseling can help you to:

  • Live in a healthy and fulfilled relationship
  • Work through the barriers of distrust in your relationship
  • Learn better ways to communicate
  • Learn healthier ways to manage conflict

Research has shown us time and time again that individuals in healthy relationships live longer, happier and more fulfilled lives than those of it's counterparts. Not only that but if you have children; they can see the unhappiness in you, hear the arguments between you and your partner and sense the tension in your relationship. Couples therapy not only helps you as an individual but it can also help improve the overall emotional well-being of your children. 

What would my first appointment consist of?

To schedule an appointment, feel free to contact me through the website today or simply give me a call. I will take a few minutes to talk to you via phone to get a short description of your interest in individual and/or couples counseling. Afterwards, we will schedule an intake appointment with you and/or you and your partner. 

What is an intake? An intake is simply the first counseling appointment which will include completion of paperwork. The paperwork you will complete will assist me in getting to know you and will also inform you of our services. After the intake appointment, we will be able to decide together how frequently you and/or your partner should come to therapy.

In our office space we have tea, coffee, water and a few snacks available too. We hope to make this a welcoming environment for you each time you step into our building. 

How much does counseling cost?

Currently, I do not accept any insurance. However, I do provide the needed paperwork, if you choose to file after our appointment. Please find the fees attached below.

60 Minute Individual Counseling Session =$90/hour

60 Minute Couples Counseling Session =$90/hour

90 Minute Individual Counseling Session= $120/hour

90 Minute Couples Counseling Session= $120/hour

"Being in a committed relationship is linked to less production of cortisol, a stress hormone. This suggests that married or paired people are less responsive to psychological stress, and that the social and emotional support that comes with having a partner can be a great buffer against stress..."