Tips to help US through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Families, it's time to E.N.G.A.G.E! A few months ago, we were going through life as usual. Picking up and dropping off to school, attending PTO meetings and sporting events, running errands, rushing to and from work and more was a part of our everyday schedule. During this pandemic there are many unknowns but one thing is for certain; we all need community. We need friends, family and each other. Take time out to engage with your family and friends.

Explore each others world. Spend genuine intimate time with your children. Get to know your friends all over again. Call that loved one that you've been trying to make time for. 

Notice the good in each other. Everyone is spending so much time together and at times we tend to focus on the negative. Notice the good in each other. Share/notice positive qualities in your children, spouse, friends, etc. 

Game on! Have a game night. Have some fun. Play spades, UNO, Scrabble, HeadsUp and more. Laugh together. As many say, "Laughter is the best medicine."

Allocate time for yourself. Though there are benefits to being around your family and friends, every once and a while we may need some "me time" or "quiet time." Allocate time for that to re-entergize. Personally, I am an introvert. Although, I love engaging with others, I also need "me time" alone to re-energize. It's okay to step away from your children, husband, wife and friends for some "me time."

Generate new things together. Learn a new recipe with your family. Engage in new crafting exercises. Begin learning a new language as the family. Try something new. 

Exercise/take a walk. Research has shown that working out, taking walks and simply being outside can release endorphins and help individuals "feel" good. Schedule time in the morning, mid-day or even in the late afternoon to get some fresh air. 

Remember everyone, we are in this together! From our office to your home, "Enhancing the sense of wholeness, unity an​d peace in individuals​ and couples daily."

There are so many people who've experienced loss. Loss of loved ones to death, loss of relationships, loss of security and more are contributors to grief . Grief is real and it takes time to heal. If you or someone you know is struggling with grief,  try some of the steps below to H.E.A.L.

Have your moment. Take time to heal. The grieving process for everyone is different. I talk to a lot of clients who feel like they should be "over it by now." "I should've moved on by now." "I don't know why this is still impacting me." I even hear, "What's wrong with me? Why am I so sad." Take a moment to come to terms with the loss in your life. It takes time to heal and that timeline is different for everyone. Just think about it, if someone has been in your life for 5 years or 20 years, it's going to take more than 1 month to process the loss. 

Engage with your support system & values. This is hard to do during the grieving process but it's necessary. Whatever you did before the loss to laugh and smile; try to engage in those things again. Exercising, talking to friends, hanging with family, praying, meditating, reading and more. Engage in the behaviors that you value most in life. 

Accept that things are going to change & life will be different. Any loss in your life is going to change the course of your life. Death is one of the hardest life challenges one may ever experience and it can change the course of one's life. When we start to realize that life may look differently (not always worse) no matter the loss, the sooner we can start to heal.

Learn about the 5 stages of grief to validate your experience. Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Sadness. Acceptance. Elisabeth Kubler Ross & David Kessler have research that explain the different stages of grief one may experience. These stages are NOT linear and not everyone will experience every stage. Learning about these stages can help you make sense of your process.

Grieving is one of the hardest experiences in one's life, especially if grieving the loss of a loved one. However, you are not alone. We are here to help you H.E.A.L.